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Successful Women Forex Traders in South Africa

Posted on 27th Dec 2017
Successful Women Forex Traders in South Africa

If you seem to harbour the misconception that forex trading is only a male bastion then statistics prove you wrong. Demographics show that in the South African forex trading industry like elsewhere there are an increasingly rising number of successful women traders giving their male counterparts tough competition. Breaking the mould of antiquated thinking these women have managed to stand out by rising against all odds. Let's take a closer look at few South African female forex traders and their stories of success.

Nelisiwe Masango:

Nelisiwe Masango, the director of the highly reputable forex trading company Bear Run Investments has rightly proved that age is just a number. Masango who is merely in her early 20s has already spearheaded three successful businesses. According to her the sheer love for reaching out to others in need and her passion for investing is what led her to start Bear Run Investments in September, 2013.Hailing from the little suburb of Boksburg, in the east of Johannesburg, Masango relates how after witnessing several people getting duped by fraudulent investment companies she felt that it was imperative on her part to spread awareness amongst people on the need of putting their money only in well-regulated companies for profits. She admits that she draws a lot of inspiration from the Hollywood movie 'The Pursuit of Happyness' starring Will Smith and based on the real-life story of an impoverished guy who went on to be a millionaire by becoming a stockbroker.

Masango was an all-rounder in school and wanted to be a neurosurgeon. But her love for finance and investments soon became her true calling. In 2011 she enrolled for a B. Com degree in Entrepreneurial Management but soon dropped out and started learning how to trade. Soon she tasted success and started two more business enterprises- ‘Females with Finances’ to promote financial awareness & financial security amongst women and a recruitment agency named ‘Gentle Hands Agency'. With such stupendous success at such a young age Nelisiwe Masango is not someone to rest on her laurels just yet. She already has plans to diversify Bear Run Investments and also wants to open her own charity organisation someday. For her indomitable spirit, exemplary business acumen, focus and determination Nelisiwe Masango is a true inspiration for one and all.

Paballo Nkwe and Danielle Lester:

This female duo has indeed become a strong force to reckon with in the South African corporate scene. They have not only pushed through the glass ceiling but have also emerged as gamechangers in the male-dominated forex industry. Both Paballo Nkwe and Danielle Lester in their 20s, are owners of iSelect Wealth and mentor individuals, companies and start-ups around the world on how to trade profitably in the investment markets. Thus, they offer wealth creation and investment advice to others and also provide a platform for other women to come into their own. They have made it a point to appoint more female staff in their company. Through using technology and financial intelligence they have created models and platforms that can be used by everyone. They also have an incubation programme where they visit women in South African University residences and educate them on financial intelligence, how to get into forex trading and how to make future investments. They are again testimony to the fact that women too can be some of the best professionals in the investment industry.

The forex market is a level playing field. These South African women FX traders should serve as a reality check that women are doing a great job in the financial markets dismissing gender stereotypes and rising to the top.

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