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15 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Forex Trading

Posted on 9th Dec 2016
15 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Forex Trading

It's a no-brainer that risk is inherent to investment. Due to its dicey nature and its unlimited money-making potential FX trading is such an exciting venture. In financial markets, investors are the key players. They wield significant influence on the sustainability plan, goals and performance of companies through which they trade the bourses. So if trading is your passion and a relentless pursuit of market opportunity helps you find an edge in today's fast-paced, ever-evolving markets then get, set, go.

Now if we were to jot down the factors as to what makes FX trading so alluring everyone were to have their own blue-ribbon list. So here goes mine:

  1.  International exposure: If you want to invest in another country (or sell it short), forex is a way to gain exposure minus any international securities regulations, financial statements.
  2.  Trading on the go: Now you can monitor the markets from your smartphone or tablet and place timely trades no-matter where you are.
  3.  Unmatched Liquidity: Forex trading is the largest and most liquid asset market in the world. With over USD 5.3 trillion traded globally daily it's difficult for any single group to try to manipulate the market.
  4.  Free Demo Practice Account: All forex trading websites have the provision of free practice accounts to allow one to get comfortable trading forex minus the risk.
  5.  Seamless execution and price: Online trading is driven by technology and most FX brokers harness new generation technology to provide the liquidity, fill and execution traders require.
  6.  Wide array of assets: Today traders can access forex, futures, CFDs, metals and energy in one single trading platform.
  7.  Leveraged trading with low capital: Leverage allows you to increase your market exposure past your actual investment. It carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all.
  8.  Advanced Charting: Most platforms provide advanced charts with technical indicators, pattern recognition scanning capabilities, candle patterns etc.
  9.  Real Time Position Keeping: Real-time position updates help you track your portfolio and instantly see account equity, open, pending or closed orders and available margin.
  10.  Investor Protection: All well-known forex brokers work under the jurisdiction of regulatory authorities and comply with all relevant and applicable regulatory requirements.
  11.  It is all in the money exchange: When you travel abroad, you make a forex transaction. On a bigger scale, you as a traveller or an entrepreneur-may want to hold your money until the exchange rate is more favourable.
  12.  No downtime: Trading goes on all around the world during different countries' business hours. You can trade major currencies 24 hours per day, 5 days a week. There is no downtime.
  13.  Go long or short: Subject to available liquidity if you think a currency will go up, buy it. If you think it will fall, sell it. This implies that there is no such thing as a "bearish market" in forex-you can make (or lose) money any time.
  14.  Sky is the limit: Sky is the limit in the share markets and wherein there is an underlying risk there's also a golden opportunity.
  15.  Guaranteed stops: You have the ability in the Forex market to determine at exactly which price you would like to enter a trade and at exactly which price you would like to exit a trade, and these prices are guaranteed.

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