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Spot Metals Trading Online

Online trading on spot gold and silver is available through Alfa Financials. Precious metals are a useful asset to diversify your trading strategy and are often flocked to as safe haven assets during times of market turmoil, usually in line with market cycles and inflations.

Item Symbol Contract Size
(1 Lot)
Tick Value Tick Size
Buy Storage
(in %)
Sell Storage
(in %)
Contract Size
Margin Contract Month
(Updated Feb-2016)
Spot Gold XAUUSD 100 troy ounce $10 0.01 -2.2 -1 0.01 1% Spot - T+2 - Max. 360 Days
Spot Silver XAGUSD 5000 troy ounce $50 0.01 -2 -1 0.01 2% Spot - T+2 - Max. 360 Days