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What are the best investments to make in 2017-2018

Posted on 30th Aug 2017
What are the best investments to make in 2017-2018

The year 2017 is almost at its fag end and very soon we will be ushering in 2018.So it's just the right time to take stock of your finances and explore all suitable avenues for investment. The idea is that anyone with a reasonable amount of savings can consider enhancing their income through diverse investments. In a situation where most of us work in a private setup and there is no job security the need to have any backup income source gains even more relevance. Of course, investments are a dicey affair and you need to play your cards right in order to minimise losses if any. Also, you need to be prepared to be able to get out of your comfort zone. It is highly advisable to do thorough research and even seek expert advice if possible before parking your money anywhere.

Here are a few investment ideas which might prove handy:

Currency markets:

The forex market is one of the most lucrative places to put in your money due to its limitless earning potential. Forex markets provide investors with the widest choice of assets from currencies to metals like gold to energy trading in crude oil, options trading, CFDs and more. It's the largest financial market in the world, operates 24/5 and offers the maximum liquidity. Thus, there is never a dearth of buying and selling opportunities. Also, you can trade using leverage or in other words you can execute much larger trades using only one-fourth of the investment amount. To know more you can refer to

Real Estate and property:

Investing in property for the coming year or so is a good idea with the outlook for the real estate sector looking bright. You can buy a property and let it out to tenants thereby generating a steady income. Also, a good property always fetches good returns. Factors like proximity to amenities, a good location and good views add to the value of any home and attracts buyers. Affordable and middle-market houses are always in demand and are recession-proof. However always do your necessary research, background check and homework beforehand and make informed decisions.

Stocks and shares:

Consider buying shares in your favourite company or diversify your risk by creating a broad portfolio. If you have a large sum to invest seek expert help instead of jumping headlong into investing. If you happen to put your money into blue-chip companies you may earn dividends but may not get swift growth. Patience and discipline is key to success along with realistic expectations.

Whatever be your investments in the near future don't just choose but choose smartly and wisely. Have a well-thought-out plan or strategy, only invest money that you can afford to lose and look before you leap. When you make the correct moves you will see the money roll in!

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